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Our Vision

To become a leading role player in the interconnection of the African logistic industries across its nations
To become a leading indigenous African logistic company offering a formidable competition to the existing leaders in the global logistic industry
To disrupt and revolutionize the African logistic industry thereby opening up global market access to small scale medium enterprises across Africa.

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Fleetpost Express International is a logistics and transport company that provides end to end supply chain solutions through the integration of multiple business units.
Our services include supply chain optimisation, sourcing and procurement, third party distribution, transport, warehousing, inbound and outbound freight forwarding, custom clearing, import and export consolidation.

Mission Statement

We are on a journey to level the logistic playground for SMMEs players in the African supply chain network with accessible and affordable services to bring suppliers to the doorstep of their various consumers through innovative technologies.

Express Delivery

Supply Chain

Freight Forwarding

Transport Services

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Our Services We Serve All Industry

Dedicated Road Freight

Fleetpost Express International pride ourselves on having a highly experienced team that show attention to detail when dealing with your road haulage needs. We ensure your shipment gets to its destination on time, at a cost competitive rate.

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Courier Services

Wherever you want your package delivered to, we'll deliver it for you.

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Freight Forwarding

Whether you’re importing or exporting, Fleetpost Express Logistics has your international shipping covered port to port or door to door in full container loads or less than a container loads. FleetPost Express is your reliable choice for shipping cargo shipments around the globe.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We will send you some paperwork for you to fill out the basic information, Such as shipper and receiving party contact information.

Don’t worry, we will take care of all the export custom and paperwork for you.

Yes, we have a lot of agents who we work with at different location.

Please check with us, they will be able to help you for any destination services.

Firstly, make sure your supplier overseas (on imports) or if you are the supplier for an export shipment, creates all of the necessary documents correctly (packing lists, commercial invoice, original bill of lading-OB/L) and in a timely fashion, so that all documents are provided with the necessary banks and sent to you (the importer) or your buyer-consignee on the B/L (if you are the exporter) at least 1 week before cargo arrives the destination so that everything can be processed through customs ahead of schedule and freight can be paid along with presentation of the original B/L. One factor that usually slows this process down is when there is discrepencies between the buyer and supplier and since the goods are not paid for, the OB/L has not been surrendered by the Supplier to the Consignee (buyer)

Most freight payments are done with a Company check. However you can also pay with wire transfer, credit card or cash (subject to administrative fee). Payment is sent right around the time the freight is due to arrive, clear customs and be released.

There may be airport fees, warehouse fees, custom clearance charges, duty/tax and door delivery charges.

Of course, if your cargo is chosen for custom exam at destination, please prepare to home charges and delays for getting the cargo.

We will provide you with the necessary paperwork for custom clearance, once custom is done, you can go to the warehouse to pick up the cargo.

We also advise you to check with destination custom prior to shipment departs, just to make sure if there’s any special rule & regulation at destination for certain commodities

Yes, we have receiving warehouse near all major airports.

Please let us know your cargo location and we will advise you the closest receiving warehouse.

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